A little change

Hi there!

For anyone who reads here regularly I just wanted to let you know that I’ve changed things up a little. I’ve made a few old posts private. This is because they contained images that could be easily opened in a new tab in full resolution and copied for personal use. Although I’m sure nobody has done this and it’s very, very cynical of me to assume it would ever happen, I do have a reason.

I’m starting a new venture, through which I hope to be able to offer my art/photography services and share my work. Because of this, I just wanted to be sure that the images I intended to use weren’t floating around on the inter-webs. I hope this makes sense!

I may re-upload these posts in a different format at some point, so stay tuned for that trip down memory lane. I really am a technophobe sometimes, bare with me! Meanwhile I will still be using this blog for photography when I feel the creative urge, but you’ll probably be seeing more writing from me, I hope that’s okay!


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